About us

"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela

Every week during term time we hold a playgroup, which is a great opportunity for our children and childcare educators alike to socialise with the other children and educators in our team.  We incorporate a music session, some Jiggle Jam, a story, an activity and free play time.  This is held at the Linton Park Community Centre where we provide a variety of activities for the children to participate in.   The children always have loads of fun, and don't realise that we've snuck some learning in there!

Flappy Birds - Preparing children to leave our nest


'Flappy Birds' is what we call our school readiness programme for our three and four year olds.  All children enrolled in our service who are three and four will automatically become part of this programme.  

The programme consists of a range of activities and experiences all specifically designed to develop a skill, or range of skills, for children to become life-long competent learners.  We do not teach children how to read and write per se, we offer fun activities and experiences which give them the foundations required for reading and writing, so that when they enter formal education, they're ready to go.

More information about this programme is available on request.



We have introduced gymnastics every Friday because it provides the equipment and opportunities for children to develop a variety of movement skills that they wouldn’t otherwise learn.  We have a qualified gymnastics instructor who takes the sessions so our children can learn to be safe with their movements, ie landing safely when jumping off high pieces of equipment etc. 

There is an increasing number of children starting school without adequate core strength and movement skills which really affects their ability to learn at school.  Some schools are having to introduce fundamental skills development programmes to build children’s strength and movement skills for this very purpose. 

Our aim is to make sure our children already have these skills before they start to school to avoid potential learning  difficulties.  It is surprising how much children’s physical development can impact their learning in the class room.

The gymnastics sessions are held every Friday during term time at 10am at MIGS (Mid Island Gymnastics) on Te Ngae Road.  There is no charge for children who are booked in with their educator on Fridays.  Children enrolled in our service but not booked in on a Friday are more than welcome to join us for a small fee of $5 a session.

Cantabria Rest Home Visits

Each term, our at-home childcare educators and children visit the daycare unit of Cantabria Rest Home.  This is a great opportunity for both our children and the residents of Cantabria to interact and spend a little time with each other.   The staff at Cantabria are thrilled at how some of their residents come alive, and our children are natural entertainers.   The purpose of our visits is to develop stronger connections between young and old.  This helps the children learn about the normal ageing process, accept those with disabilities, helps children reduce their fear of older adults and gives them an opportunity to receive and give unconditional and unbound love and attention. These visits will support children to build stronger communication skills and develop caring relationships with the older adults.  A lot of the residents at Cantabria don't have grandchildren of their own, or don't have any family in New Zealand, so these visits provide them with the joy of interacting with the younger generation.