Our Philosophy

Rotorua Homebased Childcare as a small local home-based early childhood education provider promotes:


  • Empowering young children to develop passion and competency as independent life-long learners;


  • Home-based childcare as the first and complete education choice for young children from infants through to transitioning to school;


  • Learning through ‘doing’ and enjoyment, utilising natural and everyday resources, and exploring the outdoor environment which home settings enable;


  • Valuing opportunity for children to experience a wider family network - encouraging understanding of their own context, as well as expanding their world to include their educator and the wider Rotorua Homebased Childcare community as family;


  • Valuing relationships – promoting development of deepening trust and respect, building strong relationships, and establishing meaningful connections within and between RHC, educators and children, and the families of those engaged within the Rotorua Homebased Childcare framework;


  • Community engagement with:​

    • our local Māori community and how cultural heritage enriches our lives;

    • our natural environment - developing appreciation for our own physical being as well as that around us;

    • the wider experiences that our local community offers.


  • A team culture where educators, management, and leadership collaborate and work together to promote intended RHC philosophical aspirations and support children with diverse needs.