home based child care rotorua

If you are looking for that special person to nurture your child, then we would love to introduce you to our awesome qualified or in-training home-based childcare educators who are already adored by many families throughout Rotorua.


Every at home childcare educator provides a warm and safe home where your child’s day will be tailored to their own needs and unique personalities.  We support our educators with all the resources they need and organise regular outings for the children to explore the best of what Rotorua has to offer.  Our in-home childcare providers run weekly playgroups where your child will learn while they play and socialise with the other children in our daycare service.


We offer 20 hours FREE ECE for three and four year olds with no surcharge or optional fees. We are registered with the Ministry of Education and follow the Te Whāriki early childhood curriculum.


We are proud to be a Rotorua owned and operated home based childcare provider.... keeping it local!  Our priority is our children and child care educators and that's where the money goes, not into the pockets of international shareholders!


Why choose Rotorua HomeBased Childcare?

  • Our in home childcare educators are carefully selected, and we stand by each and every one of them.

  • Small ratios, which means your child has an individual and personalised programme set up just for them, and they don't get 'lost' in a big group of children.

  • Perfect balance of time at home child care and bigger group socialising through:

    • Regular playgroups, which include regular visits to Chipmunks! FREE

    • Regular music sessions, FREE!

    • Weekly Gymnastics sessions, FREE! (if enrolled on Fridays)

    • Regular excursions in the community, FREE

    • School readiness programme for our three and four year olds, FREE!

  • Educators are fully supported and regularly visited by fully registered and qualified teachers. Our visiting teachers also see children each week at the playgroups, gymnastics sessions, excursions and regularly pops into the community music sessions our educators attend.

  • All educators have a first aid qualification.

  • All home childcare educators have Statutory and Public Liability Insurance, in case a child does unintentional damage to someone's property.

  • We have access to Work and Income subsidies, which are income tested (visit

  • 20 ECE hours for three and four year olds are actually FREE!

  • We are licensed with the Ministry of Education, and follow the New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum, Te Whāriki

  • Flexible hours to suit YOUR needs.