Commonly Asked Questions about Toilet Training

When it comes to toilet training, it's as much about the parents as the children. We've put together a list of a few of the most commonly asked questions below.

When is my child ready for toilet training?

If your child is beginning to take an interest in their bodily functions and they can follow simple instructions, get themselves to the bathroom and take off their clothing then they're ready to have a go.

But every child is different - some will happily sit on the potty when it's introduced while others refuse. Just relax and wait until they show more interest.

How do we teach them to recognise when they need to go?

It's not always easy for you or your child but the only way to learn to recognise the sensation of 'needing to go' is through experience. That means you're likely to get some wet pants along the way.

Give your child lots to drink and then suggest regular trips to the loo. Positive reinforcement is really important at this stage. Use lots of praise for any successes and remember not to criticise or tell your child off when the inevitable accidents occur.

How do I go about night-time training?

Try getting your child into a bedtime potty routine. Offer plenty to drink earlier in the day but avoid big drinks after dinner and make sure they pee immediately before bedtime.

How long will it take?

It varies from child to child. A week may be all it takes for some children to be toilet trained while others could take a year. It's all normal and they'll get there in their own good time. The important thing as parents is not to worry and to try not to make comparisons with other kids.

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