Importance of Baking with Kids

There are lots of benefits to getting kids into baking. It's is not just about having fun - children gain valuable life and educational skills. They get the joy of creating a dish and eating it but did you know that helping in the kitchen can improve your child’s maths, language skills and even their emotional development?

Reading a recipe with your child is a great way for them to boost their comprehension and vocabulary. By explaining each step of the recipe and guiding them through it, children can learn that by correctly reading and following a step by step process, they have the ability to produce a pre-determined outcome. They will also learn the value of completing a project. It's good for their self-esteem and an essential part of life.

Cooking also provides a great opportunity to introduce some early maths concepts like number recognition, counting, estimating and sorting, all in a fun environment. Measuring, weighing and sharing out the baking when it's cooked are great ways to teach kids about fractions and dividing for example.

Baking can also encourage scientific curiosity, creativity and collaboration. Working in a kitchen together to create food helps form bonds and develop relationships and children learn to be more comfortable with food. It can make them healthier eaters.

Safety and hygiene in the kitchen are essential, but don’t stress out about the mess - your kids can have fun helping you to clean up!

Rotorua Home Based Childcare’s educators encourage many activities for kids that encourage learning and a zest for life and which help prepare them for life as adults.

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