How Music Aids Child Development

Music can rewire the brain, boosting children's cognitive skills and making it an essential part of a child's development. Science has shown that when children learn to play music, their brains begin to hear, process and distinguish sounds in a way that they previously could not.

There are several key ways music can help children learn. It can improve fine motor skills, underpin language development, boost memory and help develop creativity and abstract reasoning.

Music gets children of all ages moving and dancing, helping to develop their balance, coordination, and rhythm. Music also improves small motor skills when children learn to play musical instruments.

Music can improve literacy. Studies have shown the way we process musical sound is the same way we process speech. Musical activities improve children’s ability to process speech sounds and recognise patterns making music central to babies’ development of language skills.

It's also thought music might help with mathematics. Some experts say that the notes and rhythms of classical music create strong neuro-pathways through musical patterns that may later contribute to higher math skills.

Music may also help children's learning by aiding memory. Music generally causes positive emotions and there is a great deal of research that has shown positive emotions have an indirect enhancing effect on forming memories.

Music inspires creativity in children. Listening to and actively engaging with musical activities sparks the use of both the left and right sides of the brain. It is believed this greater connectivity helps foster creativity.

And music builds confidence. With music, children can express themselves, improve their skills and practice performing in front of others.

Find some music your children love and an instrument they like and set them on a journey that will aid their development through life.

Rotorua Home Based provides a very effective hands-on approach to home based childcare in Rotorua and this includes development skills such as music.

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